Penrite Limslip Additive 150ml


  • Compatible with hypoid and limited slip gear oils.
  • Can be used in mineral or synthetic oils.
  • Improves differential performance.


Penrite Limslip Additive

  • Compatible with hypoid and limited slip gear oils.
  • Can be used in mineral or synthetic oils.
  • Improves differential performance.
  • Reduces squeal, squawk or chatter.

Limslip Additive is a supplement additive designed specifically for use in limited slip differentials to overcome problems with squeal, squawk or chatter.


Limslip Additive is designed for use with hypoid gear oils to change the frictional properties of the oil to give them the ability to be used in limited slip differentials.

Limslip Additive is also used as a supplement to formulated limited slip differential gear oils to overcome the problem of adsorption of the additive into friction materials, especially in plate type differentials. It is also effective in changing the oil friction properties to allow correct operation of cone type differentials.

Limslip Additive is recommended for use in BTR/Dana differentials fitted to V8 Holden and Ford cars, Holden/Isuzu light commercials and Jeep. If using Penrite’s synthetic Pro Gear 80W-140 with these differentials, no further addition of Limslip Additive is required. It is pre-dosed with the correct amount and further addition may result in seal degradation.

  • 150 ml will treat an axle with up to 2L capacity.