Penrite Power Sports Coolant Pre Mix 1L


  • Provides anti-freeze anti-boil protection, and long life protection for all metals
  • Excellent protection for aluminium & heavy diesel wet sleeve liners
  • Low toxicity compared to Mono Ethylene Glycol based coolants
  • Compatible with both OAT and conventional coolants
  • Premixed at 50/50 ratio so no mixing required


Penrite Power Sports Coolant Premix

  • Low toxicity compared to Mono Ethylene Glycol based coolants
  • Provides long life protection for all metals
  • Provides anti-freeze anti-boil protection
  • Excellent protection for aluminium & heavy diesel wet sleeve liners
  • Compatible with both OAT and conventional coolants
  • Premixed at 50/50 ratio so no mixing required

Power Sports Coolant Premix is a Type A, low toxic, propylene  glycol based, blue coloured anti-freeze anti-boil coolant. It contains low levels of silicate, is phosphate and amine free and  is much safer for the environment than standard ethylene glycol based coolants. It uses a hybrid inhibitor to provide long lasting corrosion protection for the entire cooling system.


Power Sports Coolant Premix is designed for use wherever glycol based coolants are specified in passenger car, light & heavy commercial vehicles, 4WD’s, motor cycles, UTV’s, marine, mining, agricultural machinery and in industrial applications.

Power Sports Coolant Premix is formulated to provide excellent high temperature protection as well as long term corrosion protection for aluminium, cast iron, brass, copper, steel and solder. It has been especially formulated to provide protection for sports machinery such as off road motorcycles, UTV’s, jet skis, snow mobiles, and marine engines with closed loop cooling systems.

Power Sports Coolant Premix is premixed at 50% concentrate and 50% de-mineralised water and does not require any further dilution. Propylene Glycol has a lower toxicity than either Mono Ethylene or Di-ethylene glycols and is therefore much safer for the environment should spillage occur, whether on land or in a marine habitat.

Power Sports Coolant Premix and can be used to top up systems containing both OAT and conventional type coolants. We recommend that if a complete fill is required that the system be flushed prior to the introduction of the new coolant.

Please Note – Power Sports Coolant Premix is not suitable for use for on-road competition applications due to the glycol concentration level. For on road competition applications, we recommend 10 Tenths Race Coolant.


3 Years or 500 Hours – whichever comes first.

Freezing & Boiling Points

Freezing Point   Boiling Point
-31oC     103oC